AT&T Refunding $88 Million Charging Customers Without Their knowledge

The AT&T refunding customers for charging extra fees without their knowledge. The FCC is cracking down on this practice known as cramming. AT&T has been billing customers for many years for charges like things like ringtones and horoscopes, costing subscribers as much as $9.99 per month, according to the Federal Trade Commission andMore than 2.7 million current and former AT&T customers were affected.

AT&T refunding process will begin immediately. The average refund will be $31 and the first round of checks have already been sent out. The FCC was alerted to AT&T’s cramming practice due to the high volume of complaints to local, state and federal agencies and the stepped in on the customer’s behalf. AT&T refunding customers as a result.

The FCC investigated and sent a complaint in 2014 to AT&T for cramming and they were ignored. AT&T continued the practice. The investigation showed the AT&T profited as much as 40% of unauthorized charges to customers accounts. Former AT&T customers will receive their refund by check in the mail.

According to the FCC, the check must be cashed within 60 days or it will be voided. You can go an FCC page to find out more about the AT&T refunding program.


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