The No Fuss Cisco Console Cable That We All Need

cisco console cable

This type of Cisco console cable should have been commonplace years ago. Anyone in the technical field knows the frustration of having to find a USB to Serial Adapter that works with your laptop. laptops have been shipped without serial ports for almost 20 years now but we still use the Cisco console cable that requires one. Why?

The Asunflower® 6 Ft FTDI USB to RJ45 for Cisco Console Cable is here to save the day. This Cisco console cable has the USB to serial adapter chip built in. There is no need for the awkward USB to serial adapter. How many times has your heart pumped with fear as you frantically tear your tool bag apart looking for that adapter? Did you get it back when you loaned it to a co-worker?

The day has come that you do not need the USB to Serial Adapter to configure network equipment. No more searching for drivers to get the USB to Serial Adapter to work. Just connect The Asunflower® 6 Ft FTDI USB to RJ45 for Cisco Console Cable from your laptop to the network device to gain access. Very simple.

Will This Cisco Console Cable Work For You?

I have used this Cisco console cable with Windows 10 and it works well. Just plug and play. I use Linux 99% of the time and it was plug and play there also. I love the slim design and how it fits into my tool bag.

Product Description

1. Full support for Windows, MAC and Linux, see the detailed list below.
2. Microsoft (HCL) certified to be compatible with Windows, no CD needed because the drivers are part of the OS distribution.
3. Supports hardware flow control used to implement the CISCO break sequence.
4. FTDI FT232R chip + RS232 Level Shifter.
5. RJ-45 DTE Pinouts RTS(1), DTR(2), TXD (3), GND(4), GND(5), RXD (6), DSR(7), CTS(8)
6. UART interface support for 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits and odd / even / mark / space / no parity.
7. Cable length is 1.80m (6 feet).
8. USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible.

Supported Operating System:
Drivers are available which allow USB FTDI devices to work with the following operating systems:
· Windows 8 x32
· Windows 8 x64
· Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
· Windows 7 x32
· Windows 7 x64
· Windows Server 2008
· Windows Server 2008 x64
· Windows Vista x32
· Windows Vista x64
· Windows Server 2003 x32
· Windows Server 2003 x64
· Windows XP x32
· Windows XP x64
· Windows ME
· Windows 98
· Linux
· Mac OS X
· Mac OS 9
· Mac OS 8
· Windows CE.NET (Version 4.2 and greater)
· Android

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This Cisco console cable just makes sense. Cisco should have shipped this cable with their equipment a long time ago. The USB to Serial Adapter is just another point of failure that can be eliminated. I am looking to get this to work with an Android tablet. This would be a great backup and lessen the wear and tear on my laptop.

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