Comcast Laid Off Hundreds, Adds To It’s Massive Tax Cuts Profits

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Comcast laid off almost 1000 employees before allowing the ink to dry on the new Trump Tax Bill. 500 salespeople shortly before Christmas. Managers, supervisors, and direct sales people in Chicago, Florida, and other parts of Comcast’s Central region, mostly in the Midwest and the Southeastern United States. Also, Comcast laid off off 405 employees from a single facility in Atlanta and moving other employees from the facility to different sites.

The Republican Congress passed a Tax Bill that was signed by Trump that was advertised to created jobs. Corporations like Comcast will receive massive tax cuts and The Trump administration believed they would hire more people but Comcast laid off almost immediately. More Comcast laid offs are expected across the country.

To add insult to injury a former employee who could not be identified because of a nondisclosure agreement as part of a severance package that included a one-time payment of $1000. Comcast was able to hide the layoffs avoiding any press coverage until this week. Is it possible Comcast laid off others?

These companies were to pass their tax savings on to the employees but their greed would not allow them to play nice for even a few months. How do you think they will behave when Net Neutrality restrictions are lifted?

Get the full story at  Ars Technica.

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