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Lower business internet cost will not only benefit businesses but can benefit the residential user. There are characteristics of business internet that can be appealing to the masses. I will show you the most important and effective way to lower business internet cost for the business and residential customer.

Business internet usually cost much more than residential internet service. There are times you can benefit from business Internet residential use at a great price and I will show you how. I will also show you how to lower business internet cost almost instantly.

Why Does Business Internet Cost More

Residential internet service is fine when you are surfing the Internet and downloading email. Residential internet service is even good for business when the business uses the service to surf, email, the server is at your location and you do not have WAN (Wide Area Network) connections to other offices.

When streaming video, download large files, connect and connect to a lot of cloud services business internet may be a better choice. If you connect to multiple satellite offices, multiple server locations, use VoIP (Voice Over IP) Phones and want almost 100% up time business internet service is a must.


Here are reasons why Business Internet Cost more.

1. Static IP Addresses

If you would like to host servers, security devices, VoIP Phones and have total control of the network you will need static IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that business internet offer.

2. Speed Parity

Residential internet service usually offers much slower upload speeds to keep the price down. Business internet offers much higher upload speed. Upload speed can match download speed.

3. Direct Connectivity

Business Internet offers direct connectivity from you to your carrier. Residential Internet usually offers shared connectivity from you to a neighborhood gateway.

4. Usage Saturation

Residential service is used mostly in the evening when people come home from work and school. Shared connections speed is adversely affected by heavy network usage.

5. Service Level Agreements

Business Internet Service offers Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). You are guaranteed a certain level of service (uptime and speed). If that level of service is not met you would be entitled to various levels of remedy, usually a refund.


How To Achieve Lower Business Internet Cost

Achieving lower business internet cost is an ongoing process. You need to know what level of service you require and the technology used to achieve it. Simply lowering the level of service you now enjoy is a way of lowering business internet cost.

Fist you will need how much business internet service you need. You may have more than you need or you may not have enough. There is a possibility you are paying a great rate or you may be overpaying. How much business internet service do you need?


How Much Business Internet Do You Need?

Number of Users
Number of Devices
1–2 people
1–3 devices

Emailing, web browsing, SD streaming


5–15 Mbps
2–3 people
4–8 devices

Music and HD streaming, occasional online gaming


25–50 Mbps
3–5 people
8–10 devices

HD and 4K streaming, real-time gaming, video-conferencing


50–100 Mbps
5+ people
10+ devices

HD and 4K streaming, real-time gaming, video conferencing, large file downloading


100+ Mbps

SD = standard definition video; HD = high definition video (Source Reviews.com)


The above chart is a great reference point to determine how much business internet service fill you need. Don’t over buy and allow for reasonable future growth. Make sure you check for data caps. Many service providers offer unlimited internet data usage but most have caps.

There are endless possible combinations of speed, data, usage and other add-ons available. I will not even try to cover the possibilities. Check your contract and SLA to ensure your needs are covered before committing to anything.


Customer Service Will Be HORRIBLE

You can’t even be hopeful the customer service experience from your chosen ISP (Internet Service Provider) will be good. It has been my many years of experience that ISP’s behave like they don’t even want your business and that is the way it has been. I hope your experience is better but I will not bet on it. LOL.

ISP’s behave like Hot Chicks. LOL. Some ISP’s are better than others and you will have to do your research. There will be late service calls and missed installations. There will be billing and service discrepancies. Don’t take it personally and bail right away. You will get more of the same elsewhere. Give them a chance to get it right.

How To Lower Business Internet Cost

You will need this instant Business Internet Cost Comparison (Click Here). Now you are armed with a detail price comparison of all of the providers and services offered in your area. If you find a better offering you can begin the process of changing your services and lower business internet cost.

More importantly, you will be armed with powerful knowledge. You may prefer to call your current provider and ask for a better deal. You will be speaking from a position of power, now having a detailed understanding of pricing and services offered in your area.

Technology is growing fast and you may even stumble upon a new technology that may serve you better at a lower cost. You may even find technology that serves you better at the same cost.

Your service provider would rather lower your cost than losing your business. Armed with this instant Business Internet Cost Comparison you can’t lose. You may be able to lower business internet cost for your company in minutes. Just by asking.

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